Owlet Smart Sock


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Owlet Smart Sock

Smart Baby Monitor

Smart Sock 3 (Ages 0-18 months)

The award-winning Smart Sock tracks the most important indicators of your baby’s well-being so while they rest easy you can, too.

Use the Sock to track your child’s heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends from the first night you bring them home to their first day of school, and enjoy peace of mind through every milestone. View your child’s readings in real time with the free Owlet App and receive notifications if readings leave preset zones, so you know when your child really needs you.

Your baby’s future is full of can’t-miss moments; enjoy them all with the first and last baby monitor you’ll ever need.


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Tracks Baby’s Heart Rate & Oxygen

View your baby’s live readings in the Owlet App anytime, anywhere. Stay informed of Baby’s well-being while they sleep.

Tells You When Baby Needs You

Get immediate notifications if Baby’s oxygen level is too low or heart rate is too high. Know when your baby needs your attention.

Measures Sleep Trends

View total hours slept, number of wakings, and overall sleep quality. Use the data to create new routines as your baby grows.


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Owlet Sock Colour

Deep Sea Green, Dusty Rose, Mint

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